Imàgo Duo


Melanie Häner & Carlo Maria Nartoni

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MELANIE HÄNER (voice,dance)

CARLO MARIA NARTONI (pianoforte, percussion)


2013.  The beginning.  Songwriter and  Dancer encounters  Pianist and Composer who also improvises. Together they create ”Imàgo duo”: a project that unites both of their original ideas and talents in to dance, music and poetry.

“Imàgo is what we imagine and search for every day.  Imàgo is our way of story telling.

Imàgo is a call for freedom spoken lightly but forceably, improvisation and balance, desire and passion, risk and determination.  A journey through life and always hand in hand”.


Imàgo Duo's music dissociates itself from typical songwriter music thanks to its modern take on pianism and improvisation.  A sweet lyrical voice embraces its listener in the universe of union and poetry.


However, homage is always paid to the great contemporary poets like Fabrizio De André, Leonard Cohen and others.

E' neve e ninna nanna - Imàgo Duo
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Melanie Häner

Meanie is a singer, songwriter,choeographer and dancer.   She comes from the world of muscials and she worked in Germany for a number of years performing in many shows.  She has created choreographies for shows in Switzerland.  She has been writing songs since 2008.  Her current music project is Imàgo Duo along with pianist Carlo Maria Nartoni performing in a duo for pianforte and voice.

When Melanie gets on stage in the Duo, she doen't just sing: she reads poetry, tells brief stories and dances her own choreography.

Carlo Maria Nartoni 

He was the pianist with the Jazz Band of Milano directed by Enrico Intra.  He has played in European theatres and festivals along with prestigeous musicians. During concerts he plays piano not always in a conventional manner and he uses other instruments to obtain particular sounds and effects .


He sprung from a classical background and ended up in Jazz and Impromtu performance. His strong  inclination to improvisation inevitably donates unexpectancy to the Duo and lends freshness and diversity to his music, transmitting either unexpected moments of madness or sublime poetry.