carlo maria nartoni


Pianist, composer.




Pianist and Composer in constant reasearch through improvisation, Carlo Maria Nartoni originates from a classical music background, followed by jazz and ultimately by free improvisation.


He began his piano studies at the age of 7 at the Conservatory of Como and continued his musical education at the Conservatory of Milan where he attended courses in Composition.

At this time he became passionate about jazz and took part in a series of studies with pianist Arrigo Cappelletti.  During this period he obtained first prize in the “Tracce sonore” competition with “Lazy's Jack Band”.

In 2005 Carlo attended summer seminars at “Siena Jazz” where he played together with the Enric.o Rava Ensemble and received classes with Stefano Battaglia who selected Carlo to participate in the permanent research music workshop for highly qualified solo pianists in Siena.


Through the years he has participated in workshops with various artist among whom Steve Swallow, Antonio Ballista, Michele Rabbia, Fred Hersch, Roberto Dani and also Ralph Alessi who invited him to take part in the SIM in New York.

At that time Carlo Maria Nartoni began to make his mark in the jazz world.  In the years between 2002-2006 he became the permanent pianist in the “Civica Jazz Band” in Milan directed by Enrico Intra and in 2005 he played with the Franco Ambrosetti Quintet.


Carlo has played in concerts in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France and Great Britain.

He has also played in prestigious theatres such as Strehler, Manzoni and Arcimboldi in Milan, Teatro Sociale in Como, and clubs, Blue Note in Milan, Casa del Jazz in Rome, B flat in Berlin plus many others.


Together with the Civica Jazz Band and other group formations Carlo has played together with famous musicians such as Franco Ambrosetti, Kenny Wheeler, Franco Cerri, Enrico Rava, Diana Torto, Gianluigi Trovesi, Claudio Fasoli, Giorgio Gaslini, Lennart Aberg, Rosario Giuliani, Furio di Castri, Andrea Dulbecco, Bebo Ferra, Mauro Negri, Paolo Damiani, Wissan Joubran, Mederic Collignon, Marco Tamburini, Gianni Coscia, Michael Rosen etc


He played in many festivals, such as: Villa Litta Jazz Festival (2000) – Palatia Jazz Festival (2004) – Milano Film Festival (2005) – Bellano Jazz Festival (2005) – Festival Giuditta Pasta (2005) Festival Franco-Italien de Jazz et Musiques Improvisee (2005) – Biennale di Venezia (2006) – Lario Jazz Festival (2006) – TEDx Lake Como (2010) – Festival Tabula Rosa, Reggio Calabria (2012) – Clusone Jazz Festival (2014), etc.


In 2006 his career on the Italian jazz scene was interrupted for a few years due to a health issue.  After this difficult time he was drawn closer and closer to his search for interior and spiritual well being and improvisation became a fundamental key of expression and self awareness.  From then on he concentrated exclusively on his own projects as a solo artist or in collaboration with artists of the same musical and personal 'elective affinitiy'.




Every one of his projects today is characterised by moments of free improvisations which he defines as a “poetic instant”.  In short,  search for the truth of the moment, attempt to be aware but at the same time abbandon oneself to the sensation and vibration of the music.  A process to attain those most intimate and secret areas,  seeking to find that connection,  remove oneself  and become a pure instrument of transmission with the Music already present in nature and mother earth.


Carlo Maria Nartoni Norwegian Trio – Together with Norwegian musicians Adrian Myhr (double-bass) and Tore Sandbakken (drums and percussion), they recorded their first album “Syria”.  The strength of the trio is in its capacity to improvise, in real time,  from nothing to a rare and wonderful  harmony.  The disc includes re-visitations  of some original tracks and improvisations on the same day of the studio recording and are the fruit of their magical interplay.  The disc is soon to be released with the Label Unit Records.


Piano Solo – In this collection original  tracks and free improvisation are spontaneously alternated.  The need for direct contact with the sonorous source of music  leads him to exploit the pianoforte to its limit and, peculiar to a sting instrument, playing it often “from inside” as if it were an extension of himself.   Soon to be released the Piano Solo album recorded in the auditorium of the Rsi (Radio Televisione Svizzera Italiana).


Imago Duo – As well as his own projects, currently,  he often performs with the Swiss singer and songwriter Melanie Häner and they form a steady duo.  In this project Carlo Maria takes the chance to show a new side of himself,  imaginative and playful, where he plays various percussion instruments, guitar, electronic sound effects and voice.


Improvvisi – The Duo, together with guitarist Jacopo Bertacco,  has been performing for a number of years.  Ambient experimentations, echoes of classical and contemporary music and sound eruptions close to free improvisations, use of  electronic instruments, loops and various objects sometimes used  in the  preparation of instruments characterise the “sound” of the duo.  The album Improvisi was recorded in 2010 at the Arte Suono di Udine studio.